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    I have/had asymmetric breasts…After 2 surgeons, 4 surgeries, and very discouraged, I booked a consult with Dr Raskin. She was very gracious, attentive to my concerns, and gave me a realists perspective of what to expect. Honest, compassionate, and extremely understanding, she addressed my needs. She explained the pros and the cons, but most of all positive and confident she could improve what others tried to accomplish. End result, I am extremely happy with my new look. They are balanced, similar, and much better than I anticipated. Seriously, I really didn’t know how this would all go, especially after several surgeries and disappointments. I am grateful and would recommend Dr Raskin. She is top notch and knows her stuff!

    JILL G – breast augmentation

    Last summer I saw Dr. Raskin for a breast augmentation consultation. I had been considering the procedure for many years, but was always hesitant. I felt that silicone looked more natural, but I had read all of the health debates regarding their safety. I was not convinced saline would be the best choice since I knew I never wanted to have the implants replaced. Dr. Raskin was very informed and professional. She provided me with literature from the FDA documenting a 10 year study that concluded silicone was completely safe. She answered all of the questions that my husband and I had and did not pressure me for an immediate decision at all. I decided to go with a set of silicone implants and am extremely happy with the results. My breasts are perfectly proportionate to my frame. They are soft, supple and appear totally natural. It has not even been one year and I feel as though they were the breasts I was born with. It is also comforting to know that I will never have to have them replaced. Dr. Raskin does beautiful work and I would recommend her to anyone.”

    VCD 31 years old CT, breast augmentation

    Dear Dr. Raskin: I just want to thank you for reshaping my body and my life! Thank you for the great experience you and your office staff gave me. Everyone there was very professional and the atmosphere was very relaxed, I really appreciate the very personal service I was given. You made the decision to have breast augmentation very easy for me. After spending an hour with my husband and I, you choose the perfect size and shape implant for my frame which looks very natural and is proportionate to my body. The surgical experience was a very positive one. The staff at Greenwich Hospital is wonderful, they made me feel comfortable and provide exceptional care. I had a completely pain free recovery and I know that is a direct result of a skillful surgeon. I am extremely happy with my new breasts, I will recommend you to all my friends who are considering any type of cosmetic surgery. Thank you so much for everything, you are a true artist!

    T.V., breast augmentation
  • “I now feel more confident after having my breast augmentation.”

    My entire experience with Dr. Raskin and her office was professional and warm. Surgery can be nerve racking enough and Dr. Raskin always went above and beyond explaining the procedure and going over every single detail. She was thorough, compassionate and understanding of my specific needs and desires. I now feel more confident after having my breast augmentation. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Raskin to anyone considering breast augmentation or any cosmetic procedure. I am grateful she was my surgeon.

    JP, breast augmentation with silicone implants
  • “Could not be happier with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Raskin to anyone..”

    I recently had a breast augmentation with Dr. Raskin. It was done in the comfort of her office operating suite. It was easier than I thought. Dr. Raskin and her team were very professional, warm, caring and friendly. This made me at ease and not worry about anything. I could not be happier with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Raskin to anyone.

    SS, breast augmentation with silicone implants
  • “I would never use another plastic surgeon after this incredible experience!”

    Dr. Raskin did my breast exchange a little less than one month ago. I originally had my implants put in over 20 years ago, then had them exchanged by another surgeon 5 years ago. The results of Dr. Raskin’s work was so much better than anything I’d experienced before. Her pre-op regimen of holistic pills and post-op treatment using her own trademarked lotion left almost no bruising! Previously I had experienced large and lasting bruises for weeks. And being able to have the surgery performed in her office made it much more affordable and far easier to schedule. There was absolutely no pain involved during or after. I even was able to go to the movie theatre that evening with my son! And by the next day I was driving. But best of all, the results are wonderful! So natural and perfectly proportioned to my figure. I was back to work in a physically demanding job after a few days and already I’m back to my regular workout regime. I would never use another plastic surgeon after this incredible experience!

    A.Z. breast augmentation
  • “My only regret, is not finding Dr Raskin sooner.”

    I LOVE my new breasts.

    After breast feeding five children for a total of 8+ years, my breasts were sagging sacks of skin with nipples pointing towards my toes. Diet and exercise helped me regain a waist line, but no amount of exercise was going to help my breasts.

    With a great deal of trepidation, I scheduled a consultation with Dr Raskin. She immediately put me at ease with her calm and gracious manner and her wealth and depth of information. I had several visits with Dr Raskin before I was ready to commit. We decided on an augmentation with lift, done in her surgical suite. Not once did I feel rushed or as though I was a bother. Her office staff is exemplary, and the perfect compliment to her. Jackie, her office manager, is worth her weight in gold. Always calm, pleasant and informative and willing to answer my hundreds of little questions. A jewel of a woman.

    My surgery was done on a Friday morning and I was home before noon. Dr Raskin checked in on me at home by telephone that night. Thanks to the holistic supplements Dr Raskin suggested, I had NO bruising and very little discomfort. I was able to discontinue my pain medication before my follow up appointment 72 hours later. Prior to that appointment, I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. To my great surprise and delight, Dr Raskin was able to avoid a vertical incision yet still give my breasts a lift. My breasts are beautiful. They look and feel “real”. My only regret, is not finding Dr Raskin sooner.

    LB, breast augmentation with breast lift.
  • “I highly recommend Dr. Elsa Raskin as the plastic surgeon you should seek out for your next procedure.”

    I am a very satisfied patient of Dr. Elsa Raskin. She has performed my breast augmentation not once but twice; the second fifteen years later. Upon deciding to have a second augmentation I knew Dr. Raskin would be the only plastic surgeon I would seek to do so. I highly recommend Dr. Raskin for her professionalism, years of experience and kind reassuring manner in which she interacts with you. She takes the time to consider what your desired goals are and works with you to achieve those goals. I highly recommend Dr. Elsa Raskin as the plastic surgeon you should seek out for your next procedure.

    EB breast augmentation followed by implant exchange
  • “This is one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever given myself!”

    Dr. Raskin and her staff are wonderful! After meeting with Dr. Raskin and discussing what I wanted, I went ahead with the surgery and got EXACTLY what I asked for. The decision to do the surgery was the hardest part, after that it was almost a non-event. A little soreness afterwards, no bruising and I healed quickly! Dr. Raskin checked in on me over the weekend and is truly a wonderful doctor. My friends compliment me all the time and can’t wait to get theirs done! This was an amazing experience and I‘m so happy I did this for myself. I couldn’t have picked a better doctor and staff to give me this gift. Thank you Dr. Raskin!!!

    JP, breast augmentation

    There are really no words to describe my experience with Dr Raskin. I have had 4 surgeries over the past 5 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer and having a lumpectomy. I then had reconstructive surgery, but there were complications. I recently had a consultation with Dr. Raskin, who I was referred to by my previous surgeon. I immediately knew that she understood how I felt and she obviously saw how emotional I still was about the way I felt about myself, not looking normal. The care, concern and kindness overwhelmed me and now 2 weeks after my surgery I look like myself again. I know cancer is a very hard thing to go through, but in some way, even though we just want to get through it and behealthy I also wanted to look like myself again. Dr. Raskin and her assistant Lisa are amazing, kind people and I will always be truly grateful!!!

    KD, breast augmentation

Dr. Elsa Raskin is an award-winning, board-certified female plastic surgeon who specializes in Natural Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Facelift, Tummy Tuck.

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