I am a new patient of Dr. Elsa Raskind who is a plastic surgeon in Greenwich Connecticut. On February 12, 2021 I had a Tetra Coolpeel Laser treatment, which is a deep layer skin peel to improve the look and feel of the skin on my face and neck. Although I thought my facial skin looked good for a 59 year old woman, I have been bothered by many small white heads, dark circles, and fine lines which were under and around my eyes. I also had fine lines around my lips, a few small brown spots and enlarged pores on my face, and a faded scar on my right cheek from 13 stitches I received from an accident when I was a child. Ever the sceptic, I wanted my own untouched proof of the results of this treatment, so the morning of the procedure I took my own photos of my face and neck to compare with the final results. With Dr. Raskin’s experience and expertise, the Tetra Coolpeel Laser treatment was quick and relatively painless. The doctor applied a local cream anesthetic, and I was given a sedative. The treatment took about an hour. Before I left the office I made a follow up appointment with the doctor for a week after the procedure. At first, my face was very red, and my eyes were swollen. After three days the eye swelling was gone and my face and neck began to peel. Each day as my face and neck skin continued to peel, I kept looking in the mirror (I have a 10X mirror) and saying to myself, I think my skin looks better, smoother and brighter. The morning of my follow up visit with Dr. Raskind I again took my own face and neck photos. I placed my before and after procedure photos side by side to compare the difference and I was very surprised and happy to see the difference in the look of my face and neck skin! My eyes were brighter, the white heads under my eyes were reduced, and my skin was tighter. The skin on my face, neck, and around my lips looked tighter & smoother, my brown spots and pores were reduced, and my scar was lighter! I kept looking at my before and after photos, comparing every imperfection, and although my skin doesn’t look like a woman who is thirty years old, it was a WOW! I still have some redness and peeling occurring on my face and neck so I will return for a final visit with Dr. Raskind in another week, and I can’t wait to see the final results!

I highly recommend DR. RASKIND and the TETRA COOLPEEL LASER TREATMENT procedure if you want smoother, brighter skin, with a reduction of pores, brown spots, and skin imperfections – you won’t be disappointed.