While cosmetics can help cover or change the appearance of some of our features, the effects of all of these solutions are only temporary. Our faces are the biggest betrayer of our advancing years and those people who feel unhappy with the common effects of aging, like sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, may feel that their confidence and self-esteem is adversely affected.

Why does our face seem to age faster than the rest of our body? There are a number of elements believed to contribute towards the development of sagging and wrinkles. These include the natural age-related changes in our skin that see a decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin that we produce, and the effects of exposure to the elements, such as pollution and UV exposure.

Facelift surgery is an increasingly common cosmetic surgery procedure and can transform the appearance of your face so that you can enjoy smoother, tighter skin, and an overall more youthful appearance. Yet understandably, many patients have some reservations about surgery, particularly when it is their face that is affected.

What does a facelift involve?

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that involves lifting the facial skin off of the underlying tissues, pulling it taught and securing it in place. This gives the skin a smoother, tighter appearance which in turn makes you look refreshed, rejuvenated and years younger than you did before. The procedure is relatively straightforward, and incisions are made so discreetly that there is virtually no noticeable scarring.

The entire process is performed under a general anesthetic, so you will not need to feel anxious about being awake or in any pain during your procedure.

To help you understand more about facelift surgery, we have detailed the key benefits and risks of facelift surgery for you below.

Benefits of facelift surgery

There are many advantages to choosing facelift surgery. They include:

  • Tighter, smoother skin with significantly fewer, if any, lines and wrinkles.

  • Skin that looks healthier.

  • Younger, refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

  • Reduced sagging which can eliminate the development of jowls hanging along the jaw line.

  • Minimal scarring, as incisions are placed in such a way that there are no obvious traces of cosmetic surgery.

  • Simple, straightforward procedure that can often be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures.

  • Increased confidence in your appearance, the effects of which can filter into your personal and professional life.

  • Less reliance on cosmetics and expensive products claiming to be able to turn back the signs of aging.

Risks of facelift surgery

While the majority of patients agree that the benefits of facelift surgery far outweigh the risks, there are still some considerations that you should make before committing to this procedure.

Many of these are very rare, and Dr. Raskin will be happy to discuss them with you in detail. However, common risks associated with facelift surgery include:

  • Post-procedure complications, like infection, excessive bleeding, or swelling near the incision site

  • Problems with the wounds healing, which can cause scarring to the skin tissue.

  • Changes in skin sensations, including tingling and numbness.

  • Skin discoloration.

  • Facial nerve injury.

  • Anesthesia-related risks.

Making the decision to undergo any type of cosmetic surgery is a serious matter, and our experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeon, Dr. Elsa Raskin, will be happy to discuss your options with you and help you to decide if a facelift, or any other procedure, is the most suitable solution for you. To arrange your appointment, please call our office today at 203-861-6620.