Our face is the one part of our body that is permanently on display, so when it becomes affected by the inevitable signs of aging, it can be extremely frustrating and, in some cases, have devastating psychological effects. This is particularly true if nature works against us, and we suddenly begin to look even older than our age.

Fortunately, a short scar facelift can address signs of aging, like sagging jawlines, jowls, and even deep creases around the nose and mouth, giving patients a refreshed, rejuvenated and younger-looking appearance.

For some patients, the thought of undergoing surgery can seem intimidating. The effects of short scar facelift surgery will be long-lasting, and for this reason, it is essential that patients choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Before undergoing any surgery, it is a good idea to do plenty of research to find a surgeon with the education, training, and experience to deliver outstanding patient care along with predictable, remarkable results. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will have a portfolio of work and will be eager to share their success with patients.

Even with a highly recommended surgeon, it is normal to feel anxious before any type of surgery, including a short scar facelift treatment. Fortunately, there are some steps patients can follow to prepare for their upcoming surgery.

To help patients prepare for short scar facelift surgery, we have compiled this guide with questions to ask during a consultation, lifestyle changes that will improve the results of the surgery, what patients should consider on the day of their surgery, and more.

Ask Questions During Your Short Scar Facelift Consultation

One important way patients can help relieve pre-surgery anxiety is by ensuring any questions they might have are answered. These are some common questions patients ask during their consultations:

  • How long will the surgery take?

  • What sort of anesthesia will I have?

  • Will I have to stay in overnight?

  • What risks are associated with the procedure?

  • What results can I expect?

  • How long will it take me to recover?

  • How quickly will I be able to see the result of my short scar facelift surgery?

Quit Smoking Before Short Scar Facelift Surgery

Not only is smoking responsible for skin damage, but it also inhibits healing. For this reason, we will recommend that patients stop smoking at least 2-4 weeks before surgery. Along similar lines, patients should also avoid taking aspirin and blood thinners at least a week before surgery.

Arrive with a Clean Face

It may sound obvious, but a surprising number of people arrive for their procedure with a totally made-up face! On the day of surgery, patients should clean their face with a non-antibacterial soap and arrive with skin that is clean and free from cosmetics and moisturizers.

Make Sure You have a Ride Home From Your Surgery

Since a short scar facelift treatment is an invasive procedure, patients will not be able to drive themselves home afterwards. After surgery, patients may still be under the effects of the anesthetic and feel too confused or disoriented to drive. Not to mention, bandages and dressing may obscure vision.

It is a good idea that patients make sure to have someone who can not only take them home, but also stay with them until the effects of the anesthetic have completely worn off. Patients should also have someone who can check on them for at least a few days after the treatment.

Take Time Off from Work After Short Scar Facelift Surgery

Patients need plenty of time to rest and recuperate after a short scar facelift. Not to mention, the face will be bruised and swollen for at least a couple of weeks. We recommend that patients take as much time off as possible to aid with recovery from their treatment.

Prepare Your Home for Recovery

Many patients find it beneficial to prepare their home ahead of their short scar facelift. This means stocking up on pain relief and regular medications that one may take, along with ensuring any big jobs are complete and there is no urgent housework that needs attention. Many also freeze meals and stock their fridge with easy to consume food, so that they do not have to worry about cooking in the days directly after their surgery.

If you are considering short scar facelift surgery and would like further advice on the best ways to prepare, call our dedicated and experienced team today at 203-861-6620.