I interviewed 3 plastic surgeons prior to deciding on Dr Raskin. She stood out for several reasons: first and foremost she listened to my concerns and provided a clear explanation of what to expect. Second she offered additional suggestions based on her assessment of what would enhance/ improve my appearance based on my concerns. I never felt like I was getting a ” sales pitch ” rather a very seasoned explanation. I felt very prepared for the procedure. Post op care was attentive. Other reviews have mentioned Dr. Raskin’s attention to detail. You can expect that. I am very pleased with my results and anticipate continuing with Dr. Raskin for long term maintenance. Also note her office staff are extremely professional and responsive. One final anecdote: following one of my early post op visits her medical assistant spontaneously came out to greet me and seemed genuinely excited to see me and my results. My impression is that the entire practice is vested in achieving the best outcome for their patients.